About our reporting

One of the most visible manifestations of our commitment to Triple Bottom Line Management is our integrated reporting.  Since 2004, we have reported on financial, social and environmental performance in one combined report.  Our annual reporting includes both non-financial and financial statements which provide detail on our efforts to have a net positive impact on society by reducing environmental impacts, increasing quality of life through better healthcare treatment, as well as providing an attractive return on investment for shareholders.


Integrated reporting

The integrated reporting format was introduced to enhance Novo Nordisk's financial valuation and to explore the relationship between financial and non-financial performance.  More broadly, the objectives of Novo Nordisk's reporting efforts have both an external and an internal dimension.

  • Increase accountability to all stakeholders (to those with a financial stake in company performance as well as those without)
  • Increase internal accountability for achieving performance objectives

Defining materiality

It is Novo Nordisk’s responsibility to ensure that those areas in which the company has significant impact are addressed. Issues are prioritised to be reported either in the annual report (most material), or in additional online information (material, often catering to specific stakeholder interests), or not reported (not material).

Report archive

Find our integrated reports and reporting websites from 2005 to 2010.

2010 Annual ReportWebsite

2009 Annual ReportWebsite

2008 Annual ReportWebsite

2007 Annual ReportWebsite

2006 Annual ReportWebsite

2005 Annual ReportWebsite


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